Tracy Helming's Violin Studio


This violin program is built on the basic philosophy of the Suzuki Method, which is that all children can learn to play beautifully, that talent can be taught and is not necessarily innate.  I have trained in and taught both Suzuki and advanced traditional violin pedagogy, and use the Suzuki repertoire as a core to which I supplement heavily with music from the standard violin literature, especially in books 4-10. 




All children can learn to play beautifully, given the proper environment.


The study of music develops the whole child:  it stimulates a creative and active mind, nurtures a positive view of self and of others, develops an appreciation of beauty and emotion, builds sensitivity, social skills, cooperative spirit, concentration, memory, analytical ability, and aims to improve the child’s interaction with family.





Children learn to play music in the same way they learn a language:  through listening, imitation, repetition, and mastery of their growing musical vocabulary.


Teacher, parent, and student each play a role in developing the child’s ability.  In the lesson, the teacher breaks down technical concepts into small steps which are taught one at a time.  Each step is continually reviewed and mastered as new steps are added.  The parent takes notes during the lesson then acts as the home teacher by practicing daily with the child.


The Suzuki Method was developed by violinist Shinichi Suzuki in Japan.  He named his program Talent Education because he believed any child could be taught to be talented.





Students (ages 3 and up) have a weekly private lesson and 2 group lessons or events every month.  There are numerous recitals, play-ins, and group events scheduled throughout the year.


Each lesson focuses on one main technical point, and uses review of already mastered pieces to develop new musical skills.  Difficult passages are previewed in new pieces to help the student efficiently learn new music.


Parents take notes and learn how to coach their child through practice at home.  The parent is called the home teacher because they lead practice sessions at home


We hold two different types of group classes, plus an advanced group class combining students in books 4-10 from three different Suzuki studios.  We hold repertoire classes in which the technical and musical points of many pieces are reviewed and drilled.  We also conduct performance and technique classes in which all students are encouraged to perform individually, and also give positive feedback to other performers.  Students learn how to be active listeners, supportive colleauges, and comfortable performers in this context.  Group class gives motivation, provides an opportunity to learn to both follow and lead others, trains students to play in ensemble, and utilizes games, encouragement, and a social arena to make music-making fun.


“Man is the son of his environment.  For the sake of our children let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability.”


“Beautiful tone, beautiful heart.”  ~  Shinichi Suzuki


“Perhaps it is music that will change the world”  ~ Pablo Casals





REGISTRATION: Please Call (206) 650-1949


Suzuki violin instruction:  
Tuition is annual, but divided into monthly payments, and covers group and private lessons.
30 minute lessons: $133/month
45 minute lessons: $195/month
60 minute lessons: $265/month

Studio Location: 339 26th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
Group Classes: St. Clement's Episcopal Church,
1501 31st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144


  Lessons are billed monthly and payment is due at the first lesson of each month.  There are no refunds for missed lessons.

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