Getting Started

Tracy Helming's Violin Studio

Before signing up for lessons, take advantage of the opportunity to observe lessons!  Observing the right students before you and your child begin your musical journey allows you to build focus, create expectations, and heighten motivation and excitement before your own child’s first lesson.  I recommend observing at least three lessons before your child’s first lesson. 


At the lesson you are observing, stay only as long as your child is still and quietly listening.  This does two things:  it teaches the focus needed during a lesson, and it keeps your child from becoming tired.  Overtaxing the beginning student is the number one thief of motivation, so I keep our first lessons short and work with parents for the remaining lesson time. 

I keep a small waiting list for new students wishing to join the studio.  Whenever I have an opening in my schedule, I will give current students an opportunity to take that time slot.  If the spot remains vacant, I will offer it to the first family on the waiting list, then the next, until it is taken.  Please look at the Schedule page to see what times are currently available.   

Before joining the studio, please familiarize yourself with our studio policies.  Students are required to study year round so that they do not lose momentum or ability during summer months.

Please contact Tracy Helming in order to set up an observation opportunity:  (206) 650-1949,

On the Resources page, you will find a list of supplies you will need to begin lessons.  Order the CD early and begin listening to it as soon it arrives.  It will be enormously helpful to have the music already flowing through the mind by the time of your child’s first lesson.

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